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Did you know that one of the causes of MSMEs being difficult to develop is due to problems in financial management?

According to OJK's explanation , most of the MSMEs are still not able to manage financial reports professionally. Even though the management of financial statements is a vital thing in business. That's why the use of accounting services for MSME financial management is very important! pemaparan OJK, sebagian besar UMKM disinyalir masih belum bisa dalam mengelola laporan keuangan secara profesional. Padahal pengelolaan laporan keuangan adalah hal yang vital di dalam bisnis. Karena itulah penggunaan jasa akuntansi untuk pengelolaan keuangan UMKM menjadi sangat penting!

About Pundigit

Pundigit was founded by Siske Annisa, who is a financial professional for more than 10 years with a Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of Indonesia. Armed with his expertise, he has been involved in helping various businesses in terms of financial management.

Pundigit is here as a financial digitization solution for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) so that MSMEs are able to compete and develop. Currently Pundigit has staff who also have experience working in profit and non-profit companies for more than 5 years, especially in accounting, tax, and auditing. Pundigit is present in the cities of Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Why Pundigit Accounting Services

Save money

You certainly don't need to provide a place for administrative staff, computer equipment and applications and certainly don't hire the staff you trust to manage your business's financial administration. By using Pundigit's accounting services, you only need to contact us, and we will work for you!

Professionalism Demand

How can your company look professional and trustworthy? One of them is when your business has a track record of clear, coherent and accountable financial records. By using accounting services, you will get just that. And of course it will be beneficial for the sustainability of your business!

More Valid

Financial reports carried out by experts, of course produce valid reports. Compared with the process of managing financial reports, which is carried out with minimal manpower and equipment, of course, by entrusting it to the experts, the error margin that will be generated is less, so the results obtained are more valid.

Work Faster

By using modern accounting tools such as Xero, Quickbooks and the like in financial management, you will find a fast-paced work process, which can shorten the processing time. By saving time, you save resources and finances.

Pundigit service

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Value pundigit


Unshakable steadfastness in upholding values, beliefs and principles.


The ability to direct each individual or group of individuals to be able to work together towards the successful achievement of the company's vision, mission and goals.


Have a high ability to carry out tasks and hold fast to moral values that direct and underlie actions.

Focus on customer

Serve customers better by identifying, understanding and satisfying customer needs, wants and expectations.

Continuous improvement

Continuous efforts are made to develop and improve businesses, products, services and processes.

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